"there are no rules for good photographs, only good photographs" Ansel Adams

Ansel Adams is my photography hero.  His images are iconic but it's much more than that.  His approach and philosophy are inspiring.  Out of many inspiring quotes from Ansel, the one above is my favourite.  It shows that n matter how versed you are in rules and techniques for composition and exposure, a truly great photograph comes from the heart.

inspiring photographers

Gordon Stainforth's book Eyes to the Hills was the first photography book to really inspire me.  The annual portfolios from Landscape Photographer of the Year are always great sources of both inspiration and location ideas.

Other photographers whose work I admire include (but is not limited to!):

     Colin Prior is a landscape photographer whose images and style I have always admired.

     David Noton's books, articles and images always reinvigorate me

Recently I have been watching several of Roberto Rodruigez Jr's B&H video seminars and found his images both inspiring and in a realistic style I like and his LR post-processing tutorials have helped me streamline my workflow.

sources of inspiration

when I first started on the digital path I found a group of friendly, mad and dedicated Canon shooters at  Run by Pekka Saarinen from Finland with a global membership, it helped inspire my photography.  I ended up co-editing the first and second volumes of the POTN Book, still available on blurb (Vol 1Vol 2).  Unfortunately work and family life dragged me away but I know the community remains strong and vibrant and am hoping to find time to get involved again.

Having given up on the recycled articles from the 'standard' photography magazines in the UK, only very recently have I found Outdoor Photography magazine which is a breath of fresh air with its focus on images.

(Ansel Adams image courtesy of the US National Archives Catalog)


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