4 Oct 17

Time for a Gear Refresh in time for "stress testing" in Florence!

So with a long awaited trip to Florence coming up, and the increasing dilapidation of my trusty 24-70 I've taken the opportunity to bite the bullet on something I've been wanting for ages.

My beautiful second hand Sigma 24-105 DG HSM f4 OS Art arrived a week ago.... :)  I haven't had the chance to really try it out yet but the few times I have used it have made me smile.   As much as I loved my old 24-70 it was showing it's age in handling terms (although the IQ is as crisp as the day I bought it second hand 10+ years ago), it being pre-HSM and the zoom becoming ever more "notchy".   So now I'm feeling more positive that my equipment won't be the limiting factor in Florence, just my own abilities!  

I've also changed my city packing philosophy and have gone back to a messenger bag after years of kata backpacks.   I have just taken delivery of a pristine ThinkTank Restrospective 30 and think it will be a boon when I need to quickly swap lenses in the city environment.

Old School Photography Revisited

I am at last getting properly stuck in to the mammoth task of digitizing all my old slides (initially...to be followed by negatives eventually) courtesy of an Epson V800 scanner.  Seeing those old images come back to life on the screen reminds me of how the discipline of film photography forced you to take time and really think about the image.. and I'd forgotten how many pretty darn good images I created in Velvia. (view across lake lucerne to the musegg towers, April 1993)

And Finally.., the Next Generation

I'm delighted that my Son (12 today) has decided he wants to take the next step up from his excellent Nikon compact to his first DSLR.  Having let him loose the other weekend with my old EOS 30D he's now bitten by the bug.  After hours of research and discussion with him he's about to take ownership of an EOS 100D (what goes around comes around... my first SLR was an EOS 100!) and 18-55 IS kit lens.  I can't wait to help him learn the basics properly and build on what is already his great sense of an image and composition.

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